Apps are useful and very helpful, when it comes to make the everyday life easier. They help to keep in touch with friends, to entertain us, educate or inform us. The added value offered by the apps, has become an everyday reality. Today, almost every large Company has its own app and small startups are able to celebrate huge successes, because they have completed the perfect deal, which are trendsetting for them.

Why should not your (next) app idea be implemented in Switzerland? Our team will help you to realize your app idea even in areas such as science, biology, chemistry and physics.

The core competencies are clearly defined: a full service, combined with the know-how of the latest technologies. You will be supervised by us at every stage of the development process of your app. This starts with consulting, testing the app and goes far beyond the publication in the App Store.

“Design is not just what it looks or feels like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs

A sophisticated overall concept is the basis for success

When it comes to the communication strategy of your company, then the apps are an integral and important component of this. For this very reason, you should develop your app does not trust anyone, but they should put you in implementing your app idea on the pro.

Our team develops apps for iOS and Android systems as well as Windows Phone. Successfully pass the apps developed by us with a compelling user experience, with the ease of use is given. We also make sure that the app is perfectly adapted to your corporate design.

Mobile App Solutions from professionals

We help entrepreneurs and businesses to realize their innovative app products. In our view, an app with minimal effort for the various systems and devices to be built at the same time be on the App Lifecycle supported. For cost-related reasons alone, it is not advantageous if a separate code is created for each platform. For this, we use a simple solution: the native cross-platform “projects” based on an App Framework.

As developers, we use it a pool of ready (native) functions that are tailored to your needs and requirements. At the same time the app is given a unique look through this procedure. This procedure has two advantages for you: a large cost savings and secondly the corresponding project can be implemented faster and in better quality, since each module is already field-tested.

For the development of such frameworks, a high level of technical knowledge is required and also a high experience value. Since such a pool of modules has to be created first, only a few providers pursue this approach, in contrast to the providers who fully rely on the “web apps”.

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.” – Steve Jobs

At every stage, project management is important

Through our holistic project management, we ensure that your goal is achieved, even with ever-changing requirements. This is supported by transparent controlling, precise communication between you and us and clear reporting. Only then is it possible to bring even challenging projects like a scientific app safely to success. We deliver the desired result by pooling technical and technical expertise.

Boredom is by no means on!

Each application is provided with a playful element, whereby a high user motivation is achieved, even if there is a foreign game application. Furthermore, there is a high customer loyalty, coupled with ROI and data quality.

In short, developing an app is not just about implementing existing processes that appear on the small smartphone display, it’s about having to tune the target group (s) and their behaviors.

How can we help you?

For a long time, the mobile devices are no longer a trend phenomenon, but they accompany us day in, day out and have taken a permanent place in our lives. They are taken to hand when it comes to reading the fitness tracker with the appropriate app, to determine the daily caloric value that you have taken or to measure his pulse. Apps are already used to even to communicate with his doctor or to ensure that enough water is drunk.

We will help you to develop exactly the app you and your customers is best for you. In addition, we also help to profitably integrate existing processes. Afterwards, we will work out suitable ideas and concepts for the implementation of the project.

By doing so, we ensure that you get the app that exactly fits your needs so you can achieve your goal or even more.

The rates for App Development

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